Natural Daily Avocado Body Cream
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Natural Daily Avocado Body Cream

119,00 kr
Avocado Body Cream is distinguished by its light creamy texture, delicate fruity aroma, designed for deep intensive nourishment, moisturizing the skin, combating dryness/flaking, and preventing its early aging.

Avocado extract “supplies” vitamins to the skin, tones, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (“youth fibers”), saturates cells with oxygen, and improves blood circulation.

The honey extract in Natural Daily Avocado Body Cream will restore turgor, soften and make your skin elastic, regulate water-fat metabolism, smooth fine wrinkles, removes cracks and itching.
Due to the natural composition and hypoallergenicity of the product, THE SAEM avocado body cream can be used by owners of all types of skin (including sensitive) skin.