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Madecassoside Ampoule

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Serum from A'pieu with madecassoside  is an excellent product for strengthening, restoring and revitalizing the skin.

It contains a high concentration of plant extracts, which have a complex effect, making the skin softer, pleasant to the touch and radiant. The product is based on madecassoside - it removes redness and inflammation of the epidermis, heals minor lesions, activates the regeneration process, regulates the sebaceous glands and sebum production. Stearic acid - exfoliates dead cells, smoothes the skin microrelief, evens out tone, and has a powerful antibacterial effect. Lauric acid - dissolves blackheads and sebaceous plugs, brightens age spots, improves skin elasticity. Beeswax - protects against the negative effects of environmental factors, does not allow the active components to evaporate, and ensures their deep penetration into the cells. Allantoin - tones the dermis, prevents premature tissue aging, smoothes expression lines. Centella extract - nourishes cells with a vitamin complex, gives the face a healthy glow, prevents dryness, tightness and flaking. 


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