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Hyaluronshot Cream

299,00 kr
Hyaluronic acid is different - one lays down a protective film on the face and prevents moisture evaporation, while the other penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis and works from the inside. Moisturizing hyaluronic cream from the Ample: N brand contains a whole Micro Derma-Shot technology with active ingredients that work in the deeper layers of the skin, which means that the effect of such a product is much better and of higher quality.

Features of Ample: N Hyaluron Shot Cream:
- low molecular weight hyaluronic acid saturates cells with moisture, stimulates blood circulation and collagen production;
- ceramides strengthen the protective skin barrier;
- protects from wind, frost, sun;
- sunflower extract accelerates regeneration, slows down the aging process;
- the skin becomes fresh, nourished, even and soft;
- gives shine;
- nourishes, protects and intensely moisturizes;
- works in the deep layers of the epidermis.