Green Tea Watery Serum - thegowa
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Green Tea Watery Serum

159,00 kr

Serum with green tea from It’s skin, gently cleanses oily and combination skin, providing protection against acne.

Green tea and lychee, the extracts of which form the basis of the product, soothe and renew the skin. The process of natural cellular regeneration is launched, as a result of which inflammation is reduced and the skin relief is levelled. This allows you to get rid of acne and blackheads. The bamboo extract gives silkiness and significantly improves the structure of cells. Japanese plum leaves the skin radiant and matte, giving it a natural, even tone. Cucumber extract refreshes the skin and deeply nourishes the dermis with moisture.

The serum penetrates deep into the dermis, moisturizing the skin from within, leaving it smooth and radiant.