8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask
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8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask

189,00 kr

Now, you will only need 8 seconds and your hair will be transformed! It will become incredibly smooth and filled with a silky sheen! Such a magical effect is provided by the Masil hair mask, thanks to which a salon effect and professional care become possible at home. If the curls are badly damaged after hairdresser procedures, the time will have to be increased to 3-5 minutes. You will notice the result after the first application. This effect is possible due to the high concentration of active ingredients (LPP-keratin, ceramides, plant extracts, collagen).

Features of 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask by Masil brand:

- since it is diluted with water, it is very economically consumed;
- LPP-keratin fills the damaged areas of the hairs and closes the scales;
- prevents moisture loss;
- eliminates dryness and brittleness;
- ceramides make strands more manageable, prevent static and eliminate split ends;
- collagen restores curls after dyeing and curling;
- extracts of lavender, orange, licorice, centella and ginkgo biloba normalize the pH balance of the scalp, improve blood microcirculation and stimulate hair growth;
- provides long-term hydration;
- reduces oiliness of the scalp;
- does not leave a greasy film and does not weigh down the hair.


Apply the mask to your hair after shampooing, spread evenly over the entire length with rubbing movements, leave for 8 seconds (it is allowed to leave the mask on the hair for 3-5 minutes, with severely damaged hair), rinse with warm water.