Snail Matrix Cream
Snail Matrix Cream
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Snail Matrix Cream

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Anti-aging face cream with broad functionality and fast action. Scinic Snail Matrix Cream is a real find for damaged, aging, dry skin. The cream smoothes out the creases on the skin, fights against expression and age wrinkles, tightens the face contour, visually making it younger for several years.

The main ingredient of the cream is snail mucin, which helps to activate the process of skin renewal and regeneration, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, and restores the hydrolipidic balance of the skin. In addition to snail mucin, the cream contains epidermal growth factor (EGF), which accelerates the healing process of the skin, has an antioxidant and protective effect.

A complex based on 5 plants (cucumber, pomegranate, barley, ginseng and lotus seeds) helps to restore the structure of the skin, instantly leaving it feeling silky and smooth. Adenosine and peptides slow down the aging process of the skin, improving its appearance and helping to restore skin tone.